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The Wee factory

Where have we been?   Wouldn’t we like to know!      Wanted to give you a quick update and let everyone know we will be starting to blog a bit more now that the hard work is close to being done.

Since May we have been working to create the greenest most recycled and reclaimed Wee factory we can build and it is into the final stretches.      When we decided to start Farm Dog we made a choice not to take out loans and take on any unnecessary debt when we finally grew out of our kitchen.  That time has come!   To raise funds for building materials we have been selling a bit here and a bit there,  Ebaying everything we can get our hands on, using money from our other businesses (I do holistic kennel free dog boarding  almosthomepetfarm.com  and  Lynn has a self-service dog wash and natural dog food store) and going to every used building supplier we can find. Craigslist has been great for finding used windows, lumber and flooring.    The electrician was the most expensive bill to belly up so far $2,300. Yikes.    We purchased recycled newspaper insulation and blew it in the ceiling which was great because I am allergic to the normal kind so this was actually a fun experience.   We have done all the labor ourselves except for the ceiling mud and taping and as said before the electricity.   I didn’t want to die so soon.    However, in the realm of girl power I will be installing the track lighting and exhaust fan.    To date all we have left is to sand and finish the floor with a zero VOC coating and put of the walls and shelving.     I am sweating are you?   One of the coolest parts of adding a Wee factory on to my home is that we were able to take the cedar siding off the back of our house and reuse it to create the exterior for Farm Dog!    So that is the Wee factory update.

Front of Farm Dog Building

The outside of Farm Dog

These are our salvaged windows!

A partial view of the inside of the Wee Factory

On another note…   Sustainable packaging.    This has been the hardest facet of creating a sustainable company.   When you can’t order 10,000 pieces of an item or pay to have something custom-made it really narrows your choices.   Also, when you exclude buying packaging from overseas like we have you feel naked and out in the cold.   But to all of you that are starting up your own companies and get to the area of packaging don’t despair…you just have to be patient and keep looking.

We are debuting our Urine and floor cleaner soon and have been working on its packaging for about a year now finally deciding to go with a 24 ounce recycled milk bottle made in Pennsylvania, a pre-cycled trigger sprayer that will last ( I have been testing it at my house and I am in love with how well it works every time)    The cool thing is that you only have to buy the sprayer & bottle once and then we offer a refill concentrate.  The refill bottle is also pre-cycled from  white milk glass that was headed for the landfill.   Farm Dog takes all of it’s packaging back for reuse.  So when you purchase our cleaner don’t throw the refill bottles away!  We will take them back if you are not going to use them again.    However, our refill bottles are so cute you will want to keep them for other uses.  Our cleaner is extremely non-toxic and all you have to do is wash the container out with hot water and soap and it will rinse clean.

Well that is it for now…  thank you for all of your support.   Check out our new website and let us know what you think.

www.farmdogonline.com and help us spread the word about products and making a sustainable future for everyone and our furry friends.


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Farm Dog Biscuits are hanging out with the celebs on People Magazine’s Pets Website.  Check it out.  http://www.peoplepets.com/style

The Big Fresh Biscuit

Love these minty fresh biscuits

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Welcome to our blog.

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