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When you see this...is it true?

My favorite Environmental go to Earth911.com talked today about the word Recycle.   What does that mean?   To make it simple (what Farm Dog is all about): Recycle means processing a new material back into a raw ingredient where as Reuse means that you don’t have to process the material to use it for the same thing or something different.

So many materials can be recycled but that is not always enough.   Why?   Because Recycling is a business and those businesses have to look at the cost of recycling that material and the demand for it on the consumer end.    Recycling success also depends on where you live.

The best thing to do is check with your local recycling center and ask them what products they do and don’t accept.

Earth911 is a great resource to find out everything you need to know about recycling!

Here is a link to the basics of recycling.    http://earth911.com/recycling/the-basics/


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